Welcome to 41st Parallel Photography.  We are Sean Chatham and Alison Denno: editorial and product photographers, travelers, and dog lovers.  Here you will find our landscape and travel photography, documentation of ghost towns and abandoned places.

Alison here with a little about about how we got started chasing ghost towns…. My first cross country drive in 2010 sparked my interest in abandoned places.  Our route took us through Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana and I was immediately riveted by the beauty of the landscape in the upper midwest and the starkness of the abandoned homes along the highway.  The middle American landscape was not like anything I’d ever seen before as a New Englander.  There’s something about the freeze dried prairie towns that hold a unique quiet beauty and I look for the story of a place in the things that are left behind.

Our site is under construction, please pardon the road cones.

When not out looking for our next adventure, we are based in Providence, RI.

Sean & Alison


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